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EGYPT UNIT TEST QUESTION BY: VAIBHAV MOKASHI PHARAOHS a) What is the literal translation of the word pharaoh? Great House b) What is the “d-word” that is connected to the idea of the literal translation? Dynasty c) How did pharaohs show their power? Built monuments – pyramids and temples d) Explain the relations ship pharaohs shared with Re, Horus and Osiris. The relation with the gods included God name in pharaohs name The pharaohs acted as messengers of god and carried out god’s wishes the pharaohs were descendants of the sun god Re and that the sky god Horus entered the pharaoh when they sat on the throne after death, people thought that the pharaoh and Osiris were one and the same e) Did pharaohs practice monogamy? Explain. A few pharaohs may have practiced monogamy but the majority married more than one wife (polygamy) in order to form relations with other nations. f) Name two Egyptian pharaohs/queens. For each list two accomplishments to Egyptian culture. Cleopatra VII Signed treaty with the Romans Last Ptolemy of Egypt Hatshepsut Built a temple at Deir El-Bahri Trading expedition stretched to Somalia g) Describe two of the pharaoh’s pyramid construction techniques. Oriented with the pyramid with the North by using the stars and sky
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Limestone chiseled off a cliff and then slid down a ramp. Then the blocks were used for building the pyramid OLD KINGDOM a) Why is Upper Egypt in the South and Lower Egypt in the north? Lower Egypt – the river goes down stream Upper Egypt – the river goes upstream b) What was the objective of Ptah-Hotep’s instructions? The purpose was to pass down the values to his son in order to make him a successful leader. c) Summarize two of the instructions. What definition of maat best describes each instruction? Obedience to a Superior ( tradition ) – Respect your superior and administrator and treat him with respect as it will be helpful in the long run. Exhortation to listen ( path ) – If you will listen to my sayings and follow them, only good will come but if you stray from the road laid ahead for you, misery and misfortune will be the consequence. d) How did the physicians in the Edwin Smith Papyrus differentiate reasoning from faith? The physician differentiated reasoning from faith by creating a procedure that would be followed in order to cure a patient and god was not mentioned in the procedure. e) What method today resembles the physician’s approach to knowledge? The method represents the scientific method. f) What is messianism? Messianism is any field of philosophy which concerns itself with the interpretations of stories about a world hero or the establishment of a Utopian world. g)
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Egypt Unit Test Question - EGYPT UNIT TEST QUESTION BY:...

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