EXAM ESSAY(1) - Oligarchic Sparta power stayed with a small...

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Oligarchic Sparta – power stayed with a small part of society: the women. Democratic Athens – power was supposedly equally spread among those worthy (men had power) “In Sparta the communal regime was in force, and it was the only Greek city in which women were treated almost on an equality with men.” “YES” ARGUMENTS 1. Spartan women education a. The only Greek girls for whom the state prescribed a public education. b. Education included a significant physical component (physical training no less than that of men) – women were allowed to compete in sports c. Some women were even literate and could write poems, as well as sing and dance in choirs and they memorized the myths and historical events narrated in poems. i. Unlike Athens, Sparta had produced at least two female poets: Megalostrata and Cleitagora. 2. Influenced finance and public affairs greatly a. One way that they controlled the state was through using their massive wealth i. They were allowed to own property and manage substantial amounts of wealth in the Spartan system of land-tenure. Spartan women owned 2/5 of the property. This showed that they were equal to men in financial terms. ii. However, Athenian women were not allowed to be landowners or manage large amounts of money. In fact, in one of Demosethenes Cases, a woman is considered an insult to her family and the whole city if she is caught holding or owning property. b. Plutarch was optimistic about the influence that women had in public affairs. Aristotle believed that women led to the decline of Sparta. However, in both cases, both philosophers/historians conclude that Sparta was a
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EXAM ESSAY(1) - Oligarchic Sparta power stayed with a small...

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