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Exam Primary Source - The Life Loves and)eath of...

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The Life« Loves and [)eath of Cleopatra -She was Egypt's last Pharaoh; her royal palace now resides underwater off the coast of Alexandria, it was swept away in a tidal wave 300 years after her death Background -She was born in 69 BC and ruled as Pharaoh between 51 and 30 BC -She came from a Macedonian Greek dynasty, Ptolemy; and her family had ruled for three centuries -Her mother and father were brother and sister. They were a murderous family who lived by the adage of 'kill or be killed'. There was no family history of suicide mainly because they were usually killed off by a relative -She mastered seven languages as a child, she received a good education -At age 18, Egypt was in ruin: she and her brother Ptolemy were fighting for the throne of Egypt. Julius Caesar who had just defeated Pompey on Egyptian soil, took an interest in Egyptian politics and suggested that she and her brother marry. So, she married her 10 year old brother, Ptolemy XI. However, their marriage did not last long; he began to challenge her position as Pharaoh, and he mysteriously turned up dead. Roman Friends -Fearing for her fife because of her siblings, she turned to the Roman Empire for help -Julius Caesar and she became fovers and they had a son Caesarion, after his death, she turned to his friend Marc Antony for help -Marc Antony had been married to Octavian's sister, Octavia but openly denounced her in favour for Cleopatra, they were even married. -There was little love between Antony and Octavian;they saw each other as a threat to the Roman throne -Antony's and Octavian's ships met at the naval battle at Actium (Greece), where Octavian's ships triumphed -Antony fled to Egypt and Octavian followed, he captured Alexandria and imprisoned Antony and Cleopatra separately
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Exam Primary Source - The Life Loves and)eath of...

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