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Topic Details Agamemnon Former King of Mycenae and the commander of the Achaean forces at Troy murdered by his wife Thucydides believed that his victory at Troy was the greatest the world had ever seen (at the time) Agamemnon attacked Troy because he wished to expand his empire and was able to since he controlled the largest navy in the world and he was able to since his soldiers obeyed him out of fear. King of Lydia Croesus Croesus gave the fable-writer Aesop a court appointment. He minted the first gold and silver coins – got from King Midas touching the rived Pactolosus He is the man to whom Solon the law-giver said, "Count no man happy until his death." Croesus is said to have derived his wealth from King Midas' (the man with the golden touch) gold deposits in the river Pactolus. According to Herodotus, Croesus was the first foreigner to come in contact with the Greeks. Ashurbanipal Time and Area Assyria from 668 BCE – 626 BCE Source of Power Crown prince Ruling Style primitive monarchy since the position as king was inherited cruelty towards the conquered civilians does show signs of tyranny Accomplishments creating the first systematically collected library made up of 20 000 tablets vast land that Ashurbanipal had conquered Legacy Ashurbanipal died - the Assyrian empire fell to Persian invaders Name is commonly used to name boys in Assyrian societies today Hittites hairy Non-Semitic, Indo-European people from South Russia
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History Exam Review.docx Part 2 - Topic Agamemnon Details...

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