History Exam Review

History Exam Review - MULTIPLE/MATCHING QUESTIONS 1. What...

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Unformatted text preview: MULTIPLE/MATCHING QUESTIONS 1. What is the Age after 323 B.C. Hellenistic Age 2. What are royal hieroglyphs called? Cartouche 3. Who was the ruler in Mesopotamia that was given the title the Great ? Sargon of Akkad 4. What are Temples in Ur? Ziggurats 5. What is the narrow pass that the Greeks were expecting to defeat the Persians in? Thermopylae 6. Who was one of the greatest Mycenaean Ruler? Agamemnon 7. What was the process in Athens that a person who was gaining too much power was banished? Austrasism 8. What was grain that Mesopotamia? Barley 9. This type of writing was formed by the Sumerians. Cuneiform Writing 10. This was the first female pharaoh that acted like she was a male in public Queen Hatshepsut 11. Who are the fat chubby, bald people learned in class? Sumerians from the mosaic, the people of Ur. 12. Who discovered deciphering hieroglyphics by using this primary source? Jean Champollion deciphered the hieroglyphics using the Rosetta stone 13. Who was the female god of fertility before the Neolithic Era? Venus of Willindorf 14. What battle & when did Octavian defeat Cleopatra and Mark Anthony? Actium-31B.C 15. This person is a historian who recorded the Peloponnesian war. Thucydides 16. This person wanted to cure Cleopatra of her poison bite Octavian wanted to cure not for love but as a symbol of victory 17. The change from being hunters and gatherers to being food producers is known as... The Neolithic Revolution 18. The reading of the ground Stereography 19. What dynasty was had a lot of monuments build? 19 th Dynasty of King Rameses II 20. An Assyrian ruler that had a lot of conquests Ashurbanipal 21. Who was the Egyptian king that believed in Monotheism? Akhenaton 22. This code was the opposite of the Hammurabi code The Hittite Code of Law The following questions were showed as pictures and we needed to answer what the picture was or who the picture was about. 1. Ladies in the Blue ( this is a fresco of Minoan court ladies called Ladies in Blue ) 2. Herodotus ( this is a painting of the historian who recorded the Persian Wars ) 3. A picture of a soldiers in a military formation ( the soldiers were in a group so therefore, were called the Phalanx, it was a formation made by Phillip II ) What is the Neolithic Revolution? The Neolithic Revolution occurred between 10-12 thousand years ago and was the first agricultural revolution and the name was coined by Australian archaeologist Childe in 1941. It was the transition from nomadic hunting and gathering communities and bands, to agriculture and settlement. The positive effects of this transition include the creation of a consistent food source, new materials (tools) and new tasks. The negative consequences include the change from a high value on mobility and low value on possessions to the complete opposite. Humans began to settle and produce their own food rather than follow herds and animals; this caused the rise in importance of material possessions such as farm tools, clothes and pottery. The this caused the rise in importance of material possessions such as farm tools, clothes and pottery....
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History Exam Review - MULTIPLE/MATCHING QUESTIONS 1. What...

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