Obasan and 1984 essay

Obasan and 1984 essay - TECHNIQUES OF THE OM NIPOTENT...

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1 TECHNIQUES OF THE OMNIPOTENT VAIBHAV MOKASHI A famous French leader once said that, “Power is my mistress. I have worked too hard at her conquest to allow anyone to take her away from me.” (Brainyquote, p.1). Napoleon Bonaparte perfectly describes a leader s unconscious obligation to safeguard their hegemony and to completely eradicate any hope of another person stealing their state of supremacy. Similarly, 1984 ’s totalitarian overlord, Big Brother, and Obasan ’s scheming Canadian government, are paradigms that exemplify these obligations. In both novels, the theme of power is ubiquitous through the utilization of propaganda, fear and spreading of false information in order to maintain absolute control. Propaganda entails the spreading of an idea or message in order to influence the opinions of people. In 1984 , the Ministry of Truth is responsible for spreading Big Brother’s political ideas in the form of government manufactured ; “Victory” products that are emotionally uplifting, and by creating an artificial language called “Newspeak”, which attempts to limit an individual’s thoughts (Orwell, p. 7 & 51). These sources of propaganda are used by Big Brother in order to control each individual ’s beliefs in a manner which benefits the Party. This type of propaganda-induced psychological manipulation is also seen in Obasan . Correspondingly, t he Canadian government displays “Highway signs saying, ‘All Japs Keep Out’” (Kogawa, p. 93). The sign reveals the government’s attempt to spread chauvinistic ideas against the Japanese in order for the Caucasian public to concur with all government decisions based on the management of Japanese Canadians. Although
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Obasan and 1984 essay - TECHNIQUES OF THE OM NIPOTENT...

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