Optics Test - Name: ~O'I b~o.~ N,t>\cCASlr~ Date: - - -...

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Name: ~O'I b ~o.~ N,t>\cCASlr~ Optics Test TruelFalse Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true orfalse. Date: -------- d. both A and B e. not enough information 1. Light travels fastest in a vacuum. 2. An optically dense medium has a low index ofrefraction. 3. The speed oflight in a vacuum is 3.0 x 10 5 km/s. : ) 4. Rod cells are responsible for colour perception. 5. A diverging lens can only produce virtual images. l6. A virtual image is always upright. ''''7. Colour separation caused by spherical lenses is called chromatic aberration. 8. Farsightedness can be corrected with diverging lenses. Multiple Choice Identify the letter ofthe choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 9. A survivor from a ship wreck sees a fish in the water. To catch it with her spear, she must a. aim above the fish aim in front ofthe fish b. aim below the fish e. aim behind the fish c. aim at the fish 10. '\ The critical angle for diamond (n = 2.42) submerged in water (1'!= L3-3)is a. 33° d. 24~_--- ,,0' r- b. not defmed (does not exist) i c. 49° 11. When light undergoes total internal reflection from the back of an aquarium, it reflects at the interface between the air and glass b. water and glass c. air and water 12. Calculate the index ofrefraction for an object in which light travels at 1.97 x 10' ~s. a. 1.52 x 10 8 mls 1.95 b. 0.66 1.52 1.52 13. What is the speed of light in glycerin (n = 1.47) expressed in terms ofthe speed oflight in a vacuum?
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Optics Test - Name: ~O'I b~o.~ N,t>\cCASlr~ Date: - - -...

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