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RAMSES PACKAGE QUESTIONS BY: VAIBHAV MOKASHI SET 1 a) What was the purpose of the Book of the Dead? The purpose was to instruct people on how to gain guaranteed access to the afterlife regardless of their sins. The underlying purpose of the book was to make the priests money by selling the book. b) How was the book of the dead a monument to the new codes of Egypt’s New Kingdom? The book of the dead was a monument that promoted the afterlife because it contained formulas and magic spells that gave guaranteed access to the afterlife regardless of their sins. c) Why was Egypt ready for a reformer in the 1360s/50s BC? Egypt was ready for a reformer because the book of the dead was an example of priestly abuses in order to gain wealth. This religious problem resulted in a common reaction, the rise of a reformer. d) Who was the reformer? The reformer was Amenhotep IV, also known as Akhenaton. e) What was unique about the reformer’s god? Akhenaton spread the idea of monotheism throughout Egypt. This meant that there would be only one god. f) Why did the reformers religion not last beyond his lifetime? Akhenaton’s religion did not last beyond his lifetime because: 1. Priests resented loss of power 2. Army was ready to revolt against a king who neglected imperial interests in Syria and Palestine 3. Great mass of people longed for the afterlife promised them by the Osiris cult, not Akhenaton 4. Akhenaton’s successor, King Tutankhamen was too weak to oppose priests i) Why did Ramses II attempt to save the Egyptian empire from declining? Ramses attempted to save Egypt because he believed himself to be a great warrior and also to prove that he was greater than any of the previous pharaohs. SET 2 a) Write one paragraph biography on Ramses II. Ramses reigned for 66 years, between 1279-1213 BC or between 1290-1224 BC. Ramses had a hooked nose and a narrow head. He had more than 90 wives and over 100 children. Ramses accomplishments include the building of several monuments such as the temple of Abu Simbel and the fact that he had built more monuments than any other pharaoh. b) Write a two paragraph essay that supports Betsy Bryan: “He must have had an ego to end all egos” . In the quote Betsy Bryan is stating that Ramses II had an ego larger than any other pharaoh or person. This quote can be supported using two examples, the first being the number of monuments
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built by Ramses II and the second is the manner in which he presented the battle of Kadesh. Ramses II was known to carve his name into statues of other pharaohs, into temples, he built temples for himself and built other such monuments all to enh ance his own great and “immortal” image. These large monument building acts show that Ramses II was very keen on presenting himself as the best pharaoh of Egypt. The second piece of evidence that suggests than Ramses II had a large ego is the manner in
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Ramses Package Questions - RAMSES PACKAGE QUESTIONS BY...

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