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Rome Test Questions - Rome Test Questions By Vaibhav...

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Rome Test Questions By Vaibhav Mokashi and Shreyas Gandhi Group One The Punic Wars 1. The Roman Republic’s first territorial target outside Italy was on what continent and what city? The roman’s republic’s first territorial target outside Italy was in the continent of Africa. It was the Phoenician city of Carthage. 2. For what two reasons did Rome desire the target? a) Carthage controlled much of Sicily (island rich in wheat) and Romans wanted to capture it. b) Navy of Carthage posed a threat to the trade routes of Romans in western coastal plains and their growing influence in Mediterranean was also threatening. 3. What did the Romans call the series of wars that followed? Punic wars. 4. What is the translation of the name the Romans gave to the wars? Punic wars are named after Punicus , the Latin word for Phoenician. 5. What leader most successfully fought the Romans during the wars? Hannibal 6. Briefly describe this leader’s strategy to defeat the Romans. Element of surprise during the first few battles Crescent shaped formation which surrounded the opposing army 7. What did the Romans do to ensure that this enemy would never again be a threat? When Hannibal was about to attack Rome, he waited from reinforcements from his brother Hasdrubal. When Hasdrubal arrived, he sent a message of his arrival to Hannibal but the message was intercepted by the Romans and they crushed the reinforcements. After that, the Romans started to win battles elsewhere, and Hannibal retreated to defend Carthage. Romans then crushed Carthaginians in the battle of Zama and made them sign a crippling peace treaty. Hannibal fled into exile and committed suicide. Group Two Roman Decline and Rise 1. Ironically, the imperial success of the Roman republic coincided with the beginning of its decline. What was the principal reason for this? The decline of Rome was mainly caused by struggle of power between the wealthy and the poor inside Rome itself. The struggle led to social unrest and arguments in the government regarding the reduction of power of the wealthy people. With arguments in the government, Rome was bound to become politically unstable 2. What two leaders emerged in the130s/20s BC to solve the 2a issue? The two leaders were Tiberius Gracchus and Gaius Gracchus. 3. Describe one reform the first leader attempted to implement. Be specific. Tiberius Gracchus tried to implement a law that limited the amount of land one family could own or rent. If the law was passed, then a lot of land would be transferred into the public domain and help the farming families. In order to make the law appealing to the landowners, he doubled the minimum limit and promised payment for any losses. The law was passed by the assembly but not by the senate and soon after Tiberius was killed in a riot by the landowners.
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4. Describe one reform the second leader attempted to implement. Be specific.
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