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TROY UNIVERSITY STU CAMPUS – HCMC HISTORY – WESTERN CIVILIZATION CONSOLIDATION QUESTIONS Q.1. How did the Mesopotamian Civilization impact on Hellenistic World’s establishment? What were they? Proved by your historical understanding. Q.2. What was the relationship between Epicureanism, Stoicism and Skepticism in Hellenistic phylosophy? How did these ideologies interact with Roman phylosophy and its social changes in the Late Republic? Q.3. Do you think Roman Emprire’s ruin was unavoidable reality around the third and the fourth century C.E.? Demonstrate by historical evidence. Q.4. How did Christianity’s role revive the Western Roman Empire in the Early Middle Ages? How did Christianity impact on the relationship between Byzantium and the Muslim world? Q.5. Using the diagram of Manor in Chapter nine (page 305) desbribe social changes in Highly
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Unformatted text preview: Middle Ages? Q.6. Give the reasons led to the Crusades in Europe? How many stages of the Crusades? How did the Frist Crusade alter the balance of power between Europe and Byzantium? Q.7. What was the relationship between the Kings and the Popes in European history during the Highly Middle Ages? How did they solve their problems? Q.8. Why did the Renaissance occur in Italy? List the Renaissance’s achievement? Pick one of Renaissance’s achivements to prove its dedication and value towards the growth of human being? Q.9. What were the intellectual roots of the scientific revolution? “Without Scientific Revolution, Human will nothing”. You should demonstrate this opinion by using one of the scientific revolution achievements and your understanding also....
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