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Experience Assignment - IS 2241 Assignment 1 Online...

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IS 2241 Assignment 1 Online Experience Objective : You will show your competence in finding information on the Internet (World Wide Web) and communicating that information to others via email (Private Mail, email of ITPC (eg. [email protected] )) by using a Web browser program, online reference sites, and Internet search engines to find answers to any 10 of the following questions, and then to compose (using Word, WordPad, or Notepad), and send an email attachment containing those answers to your instructor. Required Materials/Components: A computer with a connection to the Internet. Access on that computer to either Internet Explorer or Firefox. Your username and password for Pirate Mail. Required Format for Submission: You must use Private Mail (email of ITPC, eg. [email protected] ) to send your answers as an attachment to your instructor at [email protected] . You must include your class number and your name in the subject line (eg. IS 2241-A _ Thursday, Nguyen Van A). You must type your class number, class time, and your name on the first line of your answers (ex. IS 2241-A _ Thursday, 13:30 – 16:45, Nguyen Van A).
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Experience Assignment - IS 2241 Assignment 1 Online...

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