Hill - The current membership fee is $55. Advantages of...

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Welcome to Hill Star Hill Star Dairy Cooperative is owned by its more than 3000 members. Under the oversight of its board of directors, the co-op is run by a staff of 24, including 12 full-time and 12 part-time employees. Everyone is invited to shop at the co-op, but members are always needed. Your membership payments are invested in the co-op. Among other things, they help pay the light bills and the mortgage. A portion of each year’s membership fees goes to our Capital Improvement account—our special “rainy day” fund. Become a Member! Joining makes you, essentially, a part owner in Hill Star Organic Dairy Cooperative. To join, fill out a membership form at the store or visit our Web site at www.hill-star-organic.net.
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Unformatted text preview: The current membership fee is $55. Advantages of Membership You might be wonderingIf anyone can shop at the co-op, why should I pay the $55 membership fee? In addition to supporting a vital part of our community, members: Save 10% on everyday prices Cash personal checks for less than $50. Order specialty items at a 15% discount. Receive our monthly mailings, with recipes and discounts. Attend one free class per month, on topics such as making homemade ice cream. Hill Star An Organic Dairy Cooperative 5790 Creamery Way Lawrence, KS 66054 555-555-5555 www.hill-star.course.com STUDENT NAME, Manager...
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Hill - The current membership fee is $55. Advantages of...

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