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About the Annotated Bibliography - About the Annotated...

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About the Annotated Bibliography This Annotated Bibliography is intended as a starting point for readers who want to explore some of the themes described in the entries in more detail, or who would like to know more about the religion and science dialogue in general. Without claiming to be exhaustive, the Bibliography contains works that are generally regarded as having had a significant impact on the dialogue. The first three sections contain general introductory, methodological, and historical works. Sections four through twelve contain works on specific scientific and/or religious issues. Most works contain extensive bibliographies which will aid further research. 1. GENERAL INTRODUCTIONS AND TEXTBOOKS Barbour, Ian G. Religion and Science: Historical and Contemporary Issues. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1997. The classic comprehensive introduction to the field. This revised and expanded edition of Barbour's Gifford Lectures deals with most aspects of the modern science and religion dialogue, and offers many reading suggestions. It also contains the famous fourfold typology of relating science and religion: conflict, independence, dialogue, and integration. Though it is mainly intended as an overview of the field, Barbour defends a "theology of nature" position coupled with a cautious use of process philosophy. Clayton, Philip. God and Contemporary Science. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1997. This study in philosophical theology deals with contemporary scientific theories and their ramifications for theological views of God and divine agency. Clayton argues that naturalism can be countered by relating science and religion in a panentheist framework.
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About the Annotated Bibliography - About the Annotated...

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