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Matt Abbio p.670 16-1B Wilson Comp Statement of Cash Flow: Cash Flow From Operating Activities: Net Income 116,125 Adjustments : Increase in account Receiable -10,830 Increase in Invitory -25,000 Decrease in prepaid expense -350 Decrease in accounts pay -56,620 Depreciation expense 20,000 Loss on disposal of Equipment 5,625 Net Cash provided by operating 49,650 Cash Flow From Investing: Cash Received From Sale of Equipt
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Unformatted text preview: 11,500 Cash Paid For Equipt-25,000 Net Cash provided by Investing-13,500 Cash Flow From Financing: Cash Borrowed on Short-Term Note 2,000 Cash Paid Long-Term Note-50,750 Cash From Stock 47,000 Cash Paid For Dividends-59,000 Net Cash used in Financing-60,750 Net Decrease in Cash-24,600 Cash Balance December 2008 74,000 Cash Balance December 2009 49,400...
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