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Test 2 Review Sheet Terms and Ideas 3 styles of policing Search and seizure/ 4 th amendment(s) Emergency searches Plain view doctrine Fruit of the poison tree doctrine Exclusionary rule Good faith exception Policing models Bail and alternatives to bail Plea bargaining Police functions Courtroom workgroup Trial juries versus grand juries Defense versus prosecution Witnesses Federal/State court systems Types of evidence Bench trial Types of corruption: meat eaters v. grass eaters
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Unformatted text preview: Miranda warnings/rights Goals of sentencing Jury selection process: venire, voir dire Perjury Hearsay Retribution, incapacitation, deterrence Court Cases Massachusetts v. Shepherd Horton v. California Tennessee v. Garner Miranda v. Arizona Terry v. Ohio Argersinger v. Hamlin Powell v. Alabama Gideon v. Wainwright Mapp v. Ohio Weeks v. U.S. US v. Leon Silverthorne Lumber Co. vs. US...
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