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science assignment 1.1.4

science assignment 1.1.4 - tools for visual documentation 7...

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1. Artists are very important for documenting information and researching solutions 2. In ancient Greek civilizations observers used paint or stone to capture the beauty of plants and animals. 3. The invention of the camera made it easier for people to record nature more quickly than painting or carving. 4. As plants like corn made their way across the world, artists continued to be important as they documented these migrations . 5. Documentation on film is required to legally present environmental problems in court . 6. New media, smaller equipment, and instant sharing, are all part of the new environmentalists’
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Unformatted text preview: tools for visual documentation. 7. Photographers and film production crews can capture the beauty of nature and the ugliness of problems that affect the environment adversely. 8. Mathematicians have created a new method, called bioinformatics, to collect, analyze, model, and distribute information gathered from large quantities of biological data. 9. Observational methods for scientific research vary from the scientific method discussed in Module 1 Unit 1 Lesson 2 . 10. Standards of observational research require that little to no interference be allowed with the animals....
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