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Homework: x86 MMU Read chapters 5 and 6 of Intel 80386 Reference Manual . These chapters explain the x86 Memory Management Unit (MMU), which we will cover in lecture today and which you need to understand in order to do lab 2. Read : bootasm.c and setupsegs() in proc.c Hand-In Procedure You are to turn in this homework during lecture. Please write up your answers to the exercises below and hand them in to a 6.828 staff member by the beginning of lecture.
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Unformatted text preview: Assignment : Try to understand setupsegs() in proc.c. What values are written into gdt[SEG_UCODE] and gdt[SEG_UDATA] for init, the first user-space process? (You can use Bochs to answer this question.) This assignment requires the files xv6.pdf and xv6_rev0.zip. You may download them from the Assignments page....
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