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hw15_disco - mapping in the cpu's TLB tlb_miss_handler(VA...

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Homework: Disco Read : Disco paper (See readings.) Hand-In Procedure You are to turn in this homework during lecture. Please write up your answers to the exercises below and hand them in to a 6.828 staff member at the beginning of lecture. Disco TLB Please fill out the pseudocode for the functions below and hand it in. / Disco's tlb miss handler. // Called when a memory refernce for virutal adddress // 'VA' is made, but there is not VA->MA (virtual -> machine)
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Unformatted text preview: // mapping in the cpu's TLB. tlb_miss_handler (VA) { } // Disco's procedure which emulates the MIPS // instruction which writes to the tlb. // // VA -- virtual addresss // PA -- physical address (NOT MA machine address!) emulate_tlbwrite_instruction (VA, PA) { } // Disco's procedure which emulates the MIPS // instruction which read the tlb. // emulate_tlbread_instruction (VA) { // Hint: should this return a PA or an MA? } This completes the homework....
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