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UNIT II question 12. Technology has significantly impacted marketing in two ways; 1. New products 2. New ways of doing things. Technology has and is becoming more and more advance. The use of TV or the internet has opened the door to many new opportunities for marketers. For example, if a business needed to promote a new product they could use TV to advertise and get the information out about their new product. It would reach millions of people in a matter of days, if not hours. In turn, they can also advertise on the internet and customers can search for the product on line or see the ad on TV and go on line to search for more information and or purchase the product. Technology can also cause challenges to marketers. If the business does not keep up with today’s trends or the trends of the future or find ways to always improve their product to satisfy the customer’s needs, then other businesses/competition may steel away their current and potential customers. It is important to not get trapped in production and not
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Unformatted text preview: plan ahead and consider anything else. Marketers need to assist their businesses with ethical issues concerning new technology as well. For example, in a small village in Iraq, the use of water bottles may be something a United States Soldier would need and prefer when patrolling a village, but if they were to share their water with the villagers or donate cases of their water to them; most likely the villagers would have no way of recycling the bottles. They would either toss it on the ground and cause debris or they would through it in their burn pit and it could be harmful to their environment. The water bottle may be convenient for the Soldier or the producer but it wouldnt be for the villagers. The impact of technology on marketing is great, they have to consider the many different opportunities available, the challenges it can pose and the ethical issues it has, to be successful....
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