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Unit III question 11. Three of the influences of organizational buying are called influencers, buyers and deciders. The role in the organizational buying process is as follows: 1. Influences – are the people who assist with the writing of terms or provide information for evaluating alternatives. 2. Buyers – are the managers who are responsible for working with suppliers and orchestrating the stipulations of the sale. 3. Deciders – are the people who can decide or approve what supplier will be used. I believe it is possible for an influencer to be a buyer and or a decider while also being an influencer. I believe this because an influencer provides the information for evaluating the alternatives. The job of the influencer has almost the same role in organizational
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Unformatted text preview: buying as the other two because they contribute to the purchasing choice. The influencer assists with the writing of terms and the buyers orchestrate the stipulations of the sale, so the influencer can influence the buyer because he/she has the information the buyer needs and most likely knows what they would require for the sale of their firm. I also believe the influencer can be the decider for partially the same reason. The decider won’t make the decision on his/her own; they use the influences of several people in their firm. They may make the final decision, but the influences of the others most likely will have a big impact on their decision....
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