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Unit III question 12 There are three selective processes that affect consumers in various ways due to perceptions. 1. Selective Exposure is when consumers only notice things that would interest them. For example, when you open up internet explorer and you get a pop up advertisement; you may read it or you may not depending on what your interest is to the ad. If you were looking for a new pair of running shoes and the ad showed a really cool pair of shoes, you may take the time to read the ad, on the other-hand, if the ad showed birth control pills, you may just close the ad immediately. 2. Selective Perception is when the consumers change ideas, advertisement, and information that affect prior attitudes and beliefs they had learned. For example, video games with violence and language. TV news talks about how certain video games may have influenced people to commit crimes and possibly have taught minors to use foul language. This perception may cause consumers to not purchase the games without trying it for themselves or it may cause them to trade
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