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Argumentation Argument is Conversation with a Goal, not a Quarrel When you become a participant in an ongoing debate about an issue: stay focused on the issue, respect what others have already contributed, and make a useful addition to our understanding of an issue. Do not annoy your readers by changing the topic or offering irrelevant information. It makes them feel you do not value the current conversation or have nothing to say. Argument Takes a Stand on an Arguable Issue You cannot argue about facts or personal preferences. - Facts Facts are statements that are readily verifiable. There are 37 desks in room Fisk 339. In Lebanon about 4,000 people die each year as a result of smoking. Vanilla ice-cream tastes better than chocolate. When you verify facts, you observe them to state whether facts are true or false (fact ). You can argue about opinions: inferences and judgments. - Inferences Inferences are opinions based on facts. Dima sprained her ankle.
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