Final-Fall-2003-04 - M'ahh'n vsmsnsrr ' L i t: I: A R Y...

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Unformatted text preview: M'ahh'n vsmsnsrr ' L i t: I: A R Y “F HEIRUT OI- ENGLISH 208 FINAL EXAM FALL 2003 — 2004 Time: 2 ‘/2 hours Name: Instructor: PART [: MULTIPLE CHOICE AND SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (50 pts) DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions by circling the letter of the correct answer or by providing the proper short answer. 1. The purpose of a buffer is to (4 points) disprove the reasons for the refusal. politely state the negative news. . help the reader accept the negative news. . manipulate the reader’s feelings. confuse the readers, so they will not be affected by the bad news. should take up the majority of a bad news message (4 points) buffer . explanation . negative closing . closing apology hich of the following are NOT guidelines for preparing your resume? (4 points) Keep the resume to one page. Use lots of special effects. Provide an error—fi'ee document. . Document what you have to offer your prospective employer. Include your marital status and sex. 4. Student housing in the vicinity of AUB and LAU is a blooming business. As the manager of Aunty Loulou, a serviced apartment building near AUB, you are concerned about losing grounds to the newer options even though you have established a solid business. Identify three different techniques for the opening of the sales letter addressed to AUB students and give an example of each. (9 points) TECHNIQUE EXAMPLE lam»le :.\ UNIVEHSH' I L l B It A R Y (“P IN!!!” '40- 5. Traditionally, Caterina has provided health insurance to employees and retirees. However, cost of insurance has been skyrocketing and Caterina has been experiencing some financial difficulties over the past years. Therefore, to cut costs, it has decided to require that employees pay 20% of all medical expenses and the company would cover 80%. a. Why are the following closures to the message informing employees of this change inappropriate? (9 points) I We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. I Please let me know if you have any problems cavering your expenses. I What goes around comes around. b. You have been assigned the task of informing the employees of the details ofthe new health insurance plan and calming any opposition. Identify two difi‘erent techniques for the opener of your oral presentation and give an example of each. (6 points) TECHNIQUE EXAMPLE 0. Traditionally, Caterina has also provided its employees with a clothing allowance which it can no longer sustain. Explain why the following buffers to the bad news memo informing employees of this change are inappropriate. (6 points) I Caterina needs to cut overhead and clothing supplements seem to be the best place to Stan. I The winter season is the ideal time to clean out your closet. nERIr: 2 .\' (WW!!! LIBRARY n» HEIIUT 6. You have rented an apartment for one year in France where you were taking post- graduate courses. However, you decided to return to Lebanon due to family circumstances after only three months. You would like to get a refiind on the nine months that you paid even though you signed a one—year contract. You would write a letter using the organization plan. Write the first paragraph of the letter. (8 points) PART II: BAD NEWS MEMO (25 points) DIRECTIONS: Write a memo in response to one of the situations below using the indirect organizational plan. Points will be deducted for errors in style and tone as well as for format. 1. About 15,000 Lebanese University students and professors gathered in the streets in Beirut last month in a demonstration to demand funding. Demonstrators hoped for improved teaching conditions at the university. As the public relations officer at the Ministry of Education, write a bad- news memo to LU faculty members in which you decline their demands. (You invent the reasons.) 2. To motivate its employees and keep them up to date with all new trends in graphics and visuals, Design Pro, a leading Lebanese advertising agency, sends two of its most competent employees to a workshop in Japan every year. The number of applicants soared this year and the management had to make the hard choice of limiting this to only two employees. As chief manager ofDesign Pro, write a bad news memo to unaccepted applicants of the company informing them of the administration’s decision. PART III: PERSUASIVE LETTER (25 points) Directions: Write a letter in response to one of the situations below. Points will be deducted for errors in style and tone as well as for format. 1. ABC has opened a new mall in Achrafieh. As the sales manager of ABC, you are interested in attracting businesses to buy or rent spaces in the mall. Select a specific business (restaurant, boutique, etc) and address your sales letter to a specific person. 2. Every June, different clubs and student societies organize special stands for the AUB Outdoors to generate income for their clubs. As the organizer of the Business Student Society, write a letter requesting sponsorship from Bank Audi. Address your letter to the manager. ...
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Final-Fall-2003-04 - M'ahh'n vsmsnsrr ' L i t: I: A R Y...

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