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Final-Fall-2005-06 - English 208 Final Exam Fall 2005 2006...

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English 208 Final Exam Fall 2005 2006 Time: 2 hours Part I: Bad News Memo (50 %) Directions: Write a bad news memo using the indirect approach on one of the situations below. Invent any information you need. Make sure you use appropriate business style and tone and memo format. 1. The situation in the country has been unstable during the past year and has affected work in your hotel, Paradiso . Many tourists have canceled reservations and this has resulted in a financial problem especially that you have just redecorated most of the rooms. As the Head manager of Paradiso hotel, write a bad news memo to your employees announcing that starting next month they will receive half their salaries until productivity and the general situation in the countr y improve. 2. The Computer Science department, like all other departments at AUB, has recently been experiencing budget difficulties. Therefore, to cut down on departmental expenditures, it has been decided to purchase only two computers instead of the twenty which the faculty had requested to accommodate student
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