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Final-Spring-2005 - UF lit-lino FINAL EXAM l SPRING 2004...

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Unformatted text preview: UF lit-lino; FINAL EXAM l SPRING 2004 — 2005 ——_ PART 1: SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (35 points) Directions: Answer the following questions by providing the correct short answer. Limit yourself to the previded space. 1. You are director of the Ministry of Tourism in Lebanon and are eager to get things back on track after the events of the last few months. Summer tourism is your top priority. 3. You will be giving a presentation on the same subject to representatives of Gulf and European countries. Write two different types of openings for your presentation. (8 points) i. b. Your staff in the Ministry of Tourism was hoping to take a one-month holiday this summer which you had previ0usly approved, However, you now feel that every staff member is needed to make the summer the success you would like it to be and you decide to cancel all requests for leave. You write a bad news announcement to the staff conveying this information. Explain why the following buffers are inappropriate. (15 points) i. The ministry has decided to cancel all summer leaves. One of the ministry’s policies states that the ministry can make changes without prior notice. Summer is a great time for vacations. 2‘ Identify the kinds of reports below. (12 points) I A report that highlights recent advances in the construction of a new library at AUB I A report from a business teacher suggesting the initiation of a business students’ writing lab I A report which details promotion requirements at AUB and itemizes the necessary process for applying I A report summarizing the number of patients admitted to and released from the hospital this morning PART II: Persuasive Letter (30 points) Directions: Write a letter in response to one of the situations below using the indirect organizational plan. Points will be deducted for errors in style and tone as well as for format. Invent any information you need. 1. Body Aesthetic Center (BAC) is a regular customer of Slim, a healthy food restaurant on Hamra Street. As the manager of BAC, you order food packages for your members on a daily basis. Recently, Slim has been mixing up the food packages of customers, upsetting their diet programs. Write a persuasive claim letter to Slim asking for a refimd for one-month service and a two-week free service. 2. You are the manager of a department store and you plan to launch a new perfume, Fragrance, on Mother’s Day. You have made your launching marketing arrangements with Graphic Index, an advertising agency. Due to recent political incidents in the country, you plan to postpone this event to midsummer when the situation is expected to be more stable and more tourists will be visiting the country. You know that Graphic Index has a tight schedule and this change will not be very easily accepted. Write a persuasive request letter to Mr. George Tamer, the customer service manager at Graphic Index asking for a change in date. "if. ‘1 '. ' PART III: BAD NEWS MEMO (35 points) Directions: Write a memo in response to one of the situations below using the indirect organizational plan. Points will be deducted for errors in style and tone as well as for format. 1. You are a member of a team working on an advertising project for the last two weeks. Due to a technical problem, a part of the study, for which you are responsible, has been deleted completely from your computer and you cannot trace it back anywhere else. This will surely delay handing in your part of the study to your supervisor. Write a bad-news memo to your colleagues using the indirect approach announcing this problem, bearing in mind that the team is eager to present the project to the manager on time. 2. BBAK is a well-established bank in Lebanon. Each year the bank gives out bonuses to the managers. However, due to the current economic crisis in the country, the President has decided to cut down on the bonuses by 50% for the year 2005. As President of BBAK, write a bad news memo to the managers informing them of the decision and requesting they be understanding. ~/ Use the blank pages that follow for writing the memo and letter. '/ Write the memo and letter on separate pages. V“ Use the back of your exam paper for scratch. n- #5:".- ...
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Final-Spring-2005 - UF lit-lino FINAL EXAM l SPRING 2004...

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