Final-Summer-2002 - ENGLISH 208 FINAL EXAM SUMMER 2001-2002...

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Unformatted text preview: ENGLISH 208 FINAL EXAM SUMMER 2001-2002 Name: Section: PART I: NIL’LITPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (30 points) Directions: Answer the following questions by circling the letter next to the correct answer, 1. Which of the following is not an effective attention-getter for a persuasive message"? a. using a polite request b. asking a rhetorical question c. stating an unusual fact d. making a statement that you and the reader will agree on e. writing an unexpected statement 2. The indirect approach should be used in bad-news situations when writing to all ofthe following people except a. Supervisors. b. subordinates. c. readers who prefer the indirect approach. d. readers you don’t know. e. customers. 3. Immediate feedback during an oral presentation a. is unimportant for the speaker because it’s too late to change the gestures, pauses, and voice volume. b. allows the speaker to answer questions immediately. c. requires less work from the audience and is less tiring than reading a written report. d. only serves to interrupt the presenter and destroy the confidence of the presenter. e. benefits only the audience, not the presenter. 4. Which of the following is not an advantage of oral presentations? at. The speaker has greater speaker control over the pace of the presentation. b. The audience does not have to work as hard. 0. The presenter can receive immediate feedback from the audience and adjust the presentation accordingly. d. The presentation is a permanent record of the information. e. Nonverbal cues add special emphasis. 5. The goal of using visual aids is to a co erwhelm the audience with complexity. b. draw the audience members attention to the technology rather than the content. impress the audience with your ability to manipulate technology express your ideas effectively. e. accomplish all ofthese. 9—0 6. Your resume should reflect strong communication skills. Show how your experience qualified you for thejob. indicate increasing responsibility. establish your ability to work well with others. do all ofthese. rumour» 7. A cover letter or a job application letter is like what type of letter‘.’ a. request good news c. goodwill d. sales e. thank-you 8. The purpose of a buffer is to provide reasons for the refusal. politely state the negative news. help the reader accept the negative news. manipulate the reader’s feelings. confuse the readers, so they will not be affected by the bad news. rigour» 9. The direct approach should be used for a bad-news message if the bad news is not likely to generate an emotional response from the reader. writer expects a favorable reply. reader is a subordinate in your organization. negative news involves a significant matter. writer and reader do not have a close relationship. rte-.057.” 10. Personal interviews are advantageous because the researcher can obtain in-depth information. respondents are likely to say more than what they would write. the research can ask for clarification of a respondent’s answer. all of these goo-r» PART H: MEMO REPORT Directions: Write a memo in response to the situation below. Createx'in vent any necessary information. (30 points) You are Swiss Engineers lnc.‘s project manager. Your cempany has been contracted for the construction of the “Master Plan” on the site of the AUB grounds. Write your first progress report in memo format to Mr. Edward Jones, President of Swiss Engineers, summarizing advances in your project. PART II: LETTER Directions: Write a letter on one of the situations below. Invent any information you need. (40 points) 1. Storecom is a new Internet site that sells books, CD5, and videos. Reading has declined recently, CD shops are everywhere, and cable TV has replaced video sales. You are the marketing manager at Storecorn and you want to promote this new Internet site. Write a sales letter to a specific person in which you promote vour Slte. 2. Several junior/senor students have written to Bank Audi in Beirut requesting a paid summer training internship at the bank, a requirement at the Business School. Bank Audi, however. has no provisions for temporary summer employees and its current training program is already filled up with students of other universities You are the vice president for operations at Bank Audi and must convey this news to the students. Write a bad-news letter. Address it to a specific student. ...
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Final-Summer-2002 - ENGLISH 208 FINAL EXAM SUMMER 2001-2002...

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