bio lec 18.1 - In the name of ALLAH Bio chem Lec 18.1 done...

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In the name of ALLAH Bio chem. Lec 18.1 done by huda modified by AM 1- SH2 domain STAT abbreviation For what? signal transducer and activator of transcription. This molecule ( STAT ) is activated at the plasma membrane and finally ends up in the nucleus. this was new bec transcription factors where always are found in the nucleus and this molecule has : an SH2 domain, and what is the target ? The target is phosphotyrosine ptn, where ? in the R, the target motive it is in the cytokines R. example about IL-6 R a. what part IL-6 R is phosphorelated on tyrosine? and act as recruitment site for this transcription F . How do you name 2 receptors for IL-6 ? gp130 , IL-6 α -R. So you should know these are 2 R molecules the α -R first bind IL-6 with low affinity and his complex of IL-6 and α -R . then interactions is gp130 and forcing gp130 into a dimerisation and then you have a complex . b. we have now an activated gp130 R (IL-6 R) for instance but this is relevant for all IL and there is more than 33 IL known. i. And they all signal according to this mechanism, so therefore this is a principle, ii. kinase finally which is also a target a kinase is in this respect is the Yanus kinase which is associated to this R. here . where is the SH2 domain? this SH2 consists of: - 3 β -strand and - 2 α -helices The SH2 is domain this is only a part of this TF Eg STAT 3 which has many domains started at the N-terminals coiled- coiled domain with DNA- binding domain and then with this SH2 domain and trans activation domain finally. 1
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If ptn are synthesized in the ER or in the cytoplasm and when the ptn chains grows then as longer the chain growth as more the N-terminal part which synthesized first starts folding and they form independent folding unit of molecules which carry in SH2 domain, From albar book: the 3D dimensional structure of SH2 domain this can be determine by crystallography, - The binding pocket in the SH2 domain from the STATE is the part which is react with phosphotyrosine. ”on the yellow on the right” and - a pocket here for binding of specific amino side chain found near the Tyr “shown in yellow on left” in the SH2 domain have t pockets - has the phospho tyrosine binding site (on the right)” - and the peptide binding site on the other. SH2 domain compact plug in module “socket” which can be inserted almost anywhere in ptn without disturbing the ptn folding or function. so it is like socket where you put a plug in, and it is a part of a domain
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bio lec 18.1 - In the name of ALLAH Bio chem Lec 18.1 done...

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