bio rev5-11 - this phosphate group from this TF which makes...

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What is the first thing come out of the poly II ??? wed 5.11 hnRNA : this molecule is made completely “copy of the DNA transcripe to the RNA “ the poly II : have a C-terminal domain which make the difference b/w the hnRNA and the mRNA the C domains have some phosphorelation site so there are TF which have kinase activity and phosphorelate the C domain so what is it function ??? ? it help modify the RNA by - adding the cap at the 5’ end - and add the poly A tail at the 3’ end - and the splicing of the introns “on the C-domain were the splicing factor loading on the molecule” and these modification is cotranscription processes This is the nuclear factor for activated T-cells So if we have a foreign tissue in the body the T-cells will be activated due to the transport of this factor in the nucleus and the signal to do that comes from the T cell rece bec the T cell rece is in the intracellular side linked to the release of Ca from the ER stores So the release of Ca and the activation of the phosphotase which then cleaves
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Unformatted text preview: this phosphate group from this TF which makes the nuclear import signal available What kind of the drug are acting in a similar way to the cyclosporine ??? mean it act on the nuclear rece ??? If you confronted with patient which has asthma by give β 2 agonist which have the 7TM rece as a target and catecholamine rece So the β2 agonist on the sm m lead to the relaxation so you rapidly have the access to relax the constriction of the lung vessels What about cortizol ???-it take times bec it work on the transcription level and the rece for it is also a TF which need to be transported in the nuc so the drugs acting on that way are slow acting drugs What are the other Eg ??? - cortizol - steroid hormone -so they are ligand of a ptn “IC ptn”-And then the ptn coupled to the ligand and change it’s shape which is then fits to the cargo rece -The cargo rece is transported through the NPC into the nuc...
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bio rev5-11 - this phosphate group from this TF which makes...

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