bio lec 9 part 2 - He add this picture to yesterday lec Why...

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He add this picture to yesterday lec Why the glycosylation is so impo Mucine is a glycoptn from the stomach and what you see in pink is the sugar tree residues which protect this ptn to be degraded by the proteases in the stomach So this is a protective mechanism for the ptn from degradation by cover the epith of the stomach by this sugar residue Trypanosomes cause : Sleeping sickness Chagas disease Trypanosomes : have the chance to change the surface of there mem and try to hidden from the immune system so they always changing there surface coat the clathrine is located in the outer part on the plasma mem for instance after the vesicle is formed the coat ptn will remove from the cesicle and this done by the HSP 70 to form all this vesicle : these mem have to receive marchers and one possibility for the cell to mark certain area of the mem is the composition of these mem PL by different PI so there is different distribution for this PI which form 10% of the PL mem What is the reason for that That certain ptn domains are typically recognizing certain phosphorelation stages of these PI so binding of certain ptn to PI and sticking of them on the surface of certain mem is accelerated and improve if you have high density of this specific PI on the mem so certain patches or area in the mem some domains within the mem are formed by certain composition of these PI Mutation in the dynamine lead that the pinching of process of the vesicle is stopped this impo in the NS bec the vesicle is transported in vesicle 1
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so if you block that you can’t transport vesicle and no NT Sun 9.11 page 1 for vesicle transport we need - coating ptn - vesicle - adaptor ptn to fox the coat on the mem structure - cargo ptn - to pinching of the vesicle from the mem we need the G-ptn that help to switch off the mem to bud of the V from th mem G-ptn is needed for addressing and directing these V to the proper area where these vesicle are needed How this done we use COP II “are those transported V which are formed at the ER” What you have at the donor mem of the ER??? we have GEF : which helps in mark the mem by certain surface of G-ptn
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bio lec 9 part 2 - He add this picture to yesterday lec Why...

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