bio 17.11 - Mon 17.11.2008 secretory v contain dense...

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Mon 17.11.2008 - secretory v contain dense material bec it is conc process - the concentration of the v content is essential to bring out a lots of material for Eg : to inc a conc of hormone like insulin - the sorting mechanism some time depend in the polarity or the separation of domain of the mem - the n. cell is a special kind of the polarized cell and properly it can’t work with these secretory vesicle which is are contain highly conc material like the mast cell - there is a certain certain cycle going on independent of the Golgi network and the ER “bec they are so small to be transported through the translocator of the ER” which mean that these material which is in the secretory v are brought in by a diff mechanism - o these NT have to be transported in pre prepared vesicle - The process of the ER and Golgi is just “a charge of this process” to provide the vesicle with all the ptn which have to be brought to the v surface Eg v-SNRP … - MF disease : some acid hydrolysase one type glycosidase and if this is lacking “func metabolizing the sphingolipid” then you confronted with that the turn over or the surface mem regulation is disturb - The transport in POX similar to the nuc as the whole ptn is transported into the rece ptn 1
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Examples of secretory molecules: brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) - during the cordial infarction some content from the cytosol is released to the plasma - BNP is secreted upon the loading or stress in the cell - The disulfide bridges are formed within the ER bec the enz which make
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bio 17.11 - Mon 17.11.2008 secretory v contain dense...

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