bio lec 15-11 - Sat 15.11 Endocytosis - phagocytosis :...

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Unformatted text preview: Sat 15.11 Endocytosis - phagocytosis : lymphocytes take up foreign body - n for this a very complec structure is made cytoskeleton so some actin filament are also necessary to take up bacteria - Pincytosis : smaller v. take up some droplets material - Cavuolar v. : independent of coated ptn, have specific ptn cavuolin - Rece mediated endocytosis RME o LDL rece needed to take LDL from the blood o LDL rece is a cargo rece o Bound to the clathrin coated pit o Then the v buds from the plasma mem o And transport the LDL particle into the cell- If the signal which bind to the coat ptn is changed acute myocardial infarction since the LDL accumulate in the small vessels - The first thing is formed after the formation of the v is the endosome - Which is developed from the fusion of several endocytotic - And then the rece unloaded due to the drop of the PH during endocytosis process in these v - And then this rece is recycled to the mem - And then this endo Ly and they digested and the cholesterol is transported to the cytosol - The degradation of the rece impo in the down regulation - Bec if signaling pathway mediated by a rece should be switched off - And this by down regulation of the rece by the Ly - n In some Eg these rece are stored in the endosome for the rapid bringing back to the surface mem - This is mechanism which regard not to rece but to transporter - And this is used by the cell Eg the sk m. cell to regulate the blood Glu level - So this transporter found in pool in the cytosol - And upon the insulin stimulation these Glu transporter are transported back to the surface mem 1- then the Glu is take up- the GF : which use by the cell to proliferate - if it doesnt switched off develop cancer - to stop the action of the GF the distraction of the rece is impo step to understand the distraction of the rece - in the plasma mem the v bud off and we have the early endosome - this endosome have a retrieval pathway : like for the LDL rece- then the direction to the Ly - then this kind of endosome change it structure from early late endolysosome - during this development the PH inc 6 5 which is the optimum PH needed by the hydrolyze in the Ly to distract ptn - nand this done by H-ATPase V type use ATP to pull in the H into the lumen of the v Multivescular body MV B- Some of the v found within the v of the Ly and to form this structure - Some of the rece GF have to receive a tag which is a signal that this rece need to be distracted - And this tag is U nThe mechanism to distract the GF rece This by U - The U for the distraction of the ptn have a diff mechanism in the proteasome - So this tag to form this MVB is diff since t contain a single residue of U linked to the ptn so there is no chain which we see in the polyU used by the protesome different structure of the signal but the same signaling tag - if the v bud off from the surface mem with the GF rece destination for...
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bio lec 15-11 - Sat 15.11 Endocytosis - phagocytosis :...

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