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C16 - Depreciation 7300 Loss on sale of investment 5000...

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Adjustments to Net Income (Loss) Using the Indirect Method Cash flow from operating activites Net income (loss) XXX Adjustment to reconcile net income to net cash flow From operating activities: Depreciation of fixed asset Amortization of intangible assets XXX Loss on disposal of assets XXX Gain on disposal of assets (XXX) Change in current operating assets and liabilities: Increase in noncash current operating assets (XXX) Decrease in noncash current operating assets XXX Increase in current operating liabilities XXX Decrease in current operating liabilities (XXX) Net cash net cash flow from operating activities X or (X) substract Incre in acc. Recievable,inven,prepaid expense Drease in acc. Payable, accrued expense pay add Drease  Increase 16.1 Cash flow from operating activites Net income  65900 Adjustment to reconcile net income to net cash flow From operating activities:
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Unformatted text preview: Depreciation 7300 Loss on sale of investment 5000 Change in current operating assets and liabilities: Increase on account receivable-9300 Increase in inventory-4200 Increase on acount payable 5700 Increase in accrued expense 1800 Net cash net cash flow from operating activities 72200 Cash flow from investing activites Cash received from sale of investment 45000 Loss: Cash paid for purchase of land 145000 Cash paid for purchase of equipment 39500 184500 Net cash flow for investing activities-139500 Cash flow from financing activites: Cash received from sale of common stock 126000 Loss cash paid for dividents 47500 Net cash flow provided by financing activites 78500 Increase in cash 11200 Cash at beginning at the year 23500 Cash at the end of the year 34700...
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