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SYLLABUS HIS 1101_Ostrowski_Fri morn

SYLLABUS HIS 1101_Ostrowski_Fri morn - TROY UNIVERSITY HIS...

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TROY UNIVERSITY HIS 1101 Western Civilization I COURSE SYLLABUS Summer Term, 2010 23 March – 24 July 2010 Saigon Technology University Friday Section (08:00-10:35) Classroom: A302 INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION: Dr. Brian E. Ostrowski Lecturer - History [email protected] INSTRUCTOR EDUCATION: Ph.D. & M.A., History (Cornell University, New York, 2006) B.A., Asian Studies (Claremont McKenna College, 1996) MEETING LOCATION, DATES & TIMES: This course will meet in Room A302 of the ITPC from 8:00 to 10:35 Friday morning. Please see Method of Instruction and the COURSE SCHEDULE for details on meeting dates and requirements. OFFICE HOURS: The instructor will be available for individual student consultations from 10:35 to 11:05 each Friday morning in Room 306 of the ITPC. Students may also arrange to meet with the instructor at other times, as needed. PREREQUISITES: None. ENTRANCE COMPETENCIES: No special requirements other than the ability to do entry-level college-level work involving listening, reading, speaking and limited writing in English. If you have a learning disability which you believe prevents you from meeting these basic competencies, please see the instructor so that alternative arrangements can be made. COURSE TECHNOLOGY: This course will utilize the Troy University – STU E-Classroom for the posting of course-related documents and online conversations about course topics. Please check the e-classroom at least once every 48 hours. STUDENT EXPECTATION STATEMENT: Students must: Complete all required assignments according to the course calendar at the end of the syllabus. Participate in all resident class sessions, unless a specific excuse is presented and a make-up session is completed. Complete the final exam at the scheduled time. No exceptions will be made for this.
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Complete all assignments not later than 24 July. CATALOG DESCRIPTION : Survey of development of Western history from the pre-historic era through classical antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation to the early modern period. PURPOSE (COURSE OBJECTIVES): By the end of this course, using required and some selected suggested materials, you will show you have gained a basic knowledge of this subject by completing a series of quizzes, a final exam and a group project, along with participating in classroom discussions. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES : At the end of this course you will have a basic understanding of several themes and topics generally considered central to the development of Western civilization as we know it. These themes and topics include but are not limited to: origin and role of cities and states; origin and evolution of agriculture, industry, and commerce; evolution and importance of religions and religious beliefs; origin and development of philosophy and science; varieties of responses to contact with other ethnic, religious, and cultural groups and results of different approaches; development of arts, including music, painting, sculpture, and architecture; status of women in different cultures and influences in maintaining or changing
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