Presentation outline - Transition: To prepare for the...

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Ma Xuan Truc ID 1273149 SPEE THUR. A PRESENTATION OUTLINE INTRODUCTION I. Attention-getter : I have a question want to ask you. Be honestly! Have you ever had the first kiss yet? Do you have any memory or feeling about that kiss? II. Thesis : I think the first kiss is some kind of feeling that lasts forever in our memory. III.Preview : Why I said so? Because, this is one of those moments that won't come again in your life. You may kiss many times in your life, but the feel of your first Transition: So today I will share with you my story about the first kiss as well as the secret to make it perfect. BODY I. My story, the memory of my first kiss A. My story B. My feeling Tips for the wonderful first kiss
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Unformatted text preview: Transition: To prepare for the perfect kiss, you need to know three important things. II. A. INSIDE 1. Be comfortable 2. Smell right 3. How to go about the kiss B. OUTSIDE 1. Pick the right PLACE 2. Wait for the MOMENT 3. Make sure thats right PERSON III. OTHERS What you should do after a kiss? CONCLUSION My first kiss story, I told you. My knowledge and experience, I share you so. That means you are on a half way to reach the perfect kiss, so the rest of half way is your DESTINY. A saying goes that kissing is an art kisser is an artist Kiss is sometimes just a kiss physical touch. However, the kiss is sometimes a kind of feeling that you never forget. What is your desire to make it become HOW?...
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Presentation outline - Transition: To prepare for the...

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