P11B+Slides+1--Introduction - 3/31/2010 Today: Psychology...

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3/31/2010 1 Psychology Fundamentals B Professor Linda Levine Course website: https://eee.uci.edu/10s/55050 Today: Adding or dropping the course Course requirements WASC questionnaire What is this course about? Some central themes 2 Adds and Drops by WebReg only during the first two weeks of the quarter 3 This is a cross-listed course If you are a Psychology major (Social Sciences), register for Psych 9B under the course code 68065 If you are a Psychology and Social Behavior major (Social Ecology), register for Psy Beh 11B under the course code 54110 Other majors may use either course code. 4 5 Syllabus Print a copy from email or from the course website: https://eee.uci.edu/10s/55050 Read it, study it, keep it with you always… Thinking & Language Cognitive & Social development Topics 6
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3/31/2010 2 7 Introductions 8 Course Materials Textbook: Gleitman, Reisberg, & Gross Psychology, 7 th edition Norton (2007) Marcus, G. (2005). The Norton Psychology Reader I-Clicker Lectures and Readings may differ Do readings before class Feel free to ask questions 9 Powerpoint Slides Will be posted as pdf files on the course website: https://eee.uci.edu/10s/55050 Feel free to print them and bring them to
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P11B+Slides+1--Introduction - 3/31/2010 Today: Psychology...

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