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4/1/2010 1 Learning: Classical conditioning Learning: Acquiring knowledge or skills through experience or instruction Memory: Retaining that knowledge over time 2 Learning theory (Behaviorism’s) Central Question Why do organisms (animals, people) behave they way they do? 3 Psychology is the science of behavior -- not of thoughts, feelings, or sensations Same laws cover all organisms & all content Learning is based on establishing associations What a person learns depends almost entirely on the environment Learning is gradual Main Claims of Behaviorism 4 Maier (1931) Two strings problem How did participants do? 6 40 37 23 Percentage of participants Solved with no hint Solved after hint Never solved
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4/1/2010 2 Post-experiment interview 7 Participants had no idea Maier’s cue (swinging the rope) helped them solve the problem This is an example of “spontaneous transfer” It occurs when people are uninformed of the connection between events, but they benefit from the prior experience Behaviorists’ approach Did not rely on introspective reports Focused on the ENVIRONMENTAL STIMULUS and the animal’s BEHAVIORAL RESPONSE Not concerned about what happened in between--what the person or animal thought or felt 8 John B Watson, Behaviorism (1924) 9 “Behaviorism. ..holds that the subject matter of human psychology
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P11B+Slides+2--Learning--Classical+conditioning - 4/1/2010...

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