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4/14/2010 1 Memory failures Exam 1 Thursday April 22 A study guide will be posted after class today Bring: Scantron form F-158; two sharpened pencils; UCI Student ID card The exam will be multiple choice It will cover material in lecture and readings from classes 1 - 7 2 Today Clinical memory disorders provide evidence about distinctions between: working memory and LTM explicit and implicit memory Everyday memory failures 3 Henry G. Molaison (HM)’s Anterograde Amnesia Karl Lashley (1890-1958) was convinced that memory was distributed equally throughout the cortex The case of HM proved Lashley wrong 4 5 The hippocampus: a key structure in the medial temporal lobe Brenda Milner 6 William Scoville
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4/14/2010 2 Results of HM’s surgery Reduced HM’s seizures but left him with: Profound anterograde amnesia: Could not form new explicit or declarative memories Partial retrograde amnesia: Remembered little from the decade before surgery HM could still retrieve memories acquired long before the surgery; had a normal vocabulary; average IQ; intact working memory 7 HM’s anterograde amnesia (inability to establish new explicit memories) showed that: The hippocampus (and surrounding structures in the medial temporal lobe) are responsible for transferring explicit memories from working memory to LTM Separate memory systems: Working memory vs. LTM Explicit vs. Implicit memory 8 Clive Wearing 9 Was choirmaster of the renowned London Sinfonietta ensemble. Married Deborah in 1983.
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P11B+Slides+6--Memory+failures - 4/14/2010 Exam 1 Thursday...

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