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Psychology Fundamentals B Spring 2010 Study Guide for Exam 2 The purpose of this study guide is to give you a rough idea of the types of material that will be on the exam. Please note that there are questions on the exam that are not on this study guide; there are questions on this study guide that are not on the exam. Please bring to the exam Scantron Form F- 158 (a red and white 5” x 11” inch form), two sharpened Number 2 pencils, and your UCI Student ID card. Thinking Major theories of emotion; evidence that supports or conflicts with these theories How emotions change with age How emotional and cognitive development are related Humor and its development How knowledge is represented (e.g., analogical representations, mental images, symbolic representations, concepts, propositions) How knowledge is organized in memory Effective techniques for solving problems; obstacles to solving problems How people reason; bounded rationality; inductive and deductive reasoning Biases and heuristics
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