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Psychology Fundamentals P9/11C Dr. Ditto Winter 2010 1 S TUDY G UIDE FOR E XAM #2 I. Lecture #7: Measuring Individual Differences A. Graphing Differences 1) Histogram 2) The normal (bell) curve B. Measures of Central Tendency: C. Measures of Variance/Dispersion: The standard deviation D. Measuring Relationships 1) Correlations 2) E. Validity – face, convergent, discriminant, predictive F. Reliability – test-retest, split-half II. Lecture #8: Intelligence A. Definition B. History of Intelligence Testing 1) 2) Terman and the new IQ 3) Weschler intelligence scales 4) The “Termites” study C. What is Intelligence? 1) Spearman’s g 2) Fluid vs. crystallized g 3) Sternberg’s tripartite theory of Intelligence 4) Gardner’s multiple intelligences D. What Determines Intelligence? Nature vs. Nurture 1) Brain size research 2) Evidence for genetic contribution – correlations between adopted children, parents, monozygotic and dizygotic twins 3) Evidence for environmental influences 4) Research on group differences in IQ a. Cultural bias – Raven’s progressive matrices test b. III. Lecture #9: Psychoanalytic Theory I A. Elements of Personality Theory – motivation, structure, growth & development,
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midterm2 study guide - Psychology Fundamentals P9/11C Dr...

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