Lecture 2 - Meditations Lecture 2 Following Descartes as he...

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1 1 Meditations Lecture 2. Following Descartes as he thinks . . . In Med. #3, Descartes proves that God exists and is not a deceiver. 2 I. At the outset: words used in an unfamiliar way ± A. “objective reality” ± B. “formal reality” ± (NB: One can say mere objective reality. Formal=actual.) ± “The term ‘objective’ is regularly contrasted by Descartes with the term ‘formal’…. ‘formal’ reality [is] actual, extramental existence, while ‘objective reality’ [is] merely existence in the mind as an object of the understanding.” A Descartes Dictionary, p. 46 . 3 II. The meditator re-enacts his rejection of the senses. ± A. He— shuts his eyes, stops up his ears, withdraws all his senses, and blots all images of corporeal things out of his mind. (69-70). ± B. WHY? So that he can look deeply within to restate what he knows.
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2 4 III. Clear & Distinct ideas (70) ± A. “What is required for me to be certain of anything?” (70). ± B. An epistemological question ± C. Seeing with the mind’s eye ± For explicit metaphor, see Med. #6, p. 93. ± Compare “inspection of the part of the mind alone” (Med. #2, p. 68). 5 IV. Problem: ± A. He has always in the past believed (out of habit ): ± 1) that things outside himself existed; ± 2) that those ‘outside things’ were the source of his ideas; ± 3) that his ideas resembled those ‘outside things.’ ± B. What about things like 2+3=5? ± C. He realizes he was mistaken (or maybe his
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Lecture 2 - Meditations Lecture 2 Following Descartes as he...

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