ETH 125 - Week 2 Day 5 Implicit Association Test CheckPoint

ETH 125 - Week 2 Day 5 Implicit Association Test CheckPoint...

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Implicit Association Test CheckPoint The result of my Race IAT was determined as “Having a strong automatic preference for African American compared to European American” (via the Harvard-Hosted Implicit Association Test at ). It appears that the test results were not accurate in my case, as I do not feel that I have a prejudice against, or preference for, either race implied above. This assessment test was one of prejudice; because I did not respond quickly due to a lack of understand it automatically judge me as preferring African American compared to European American. Some people may not have well-developed eye-hand coordination which may affect their test results to display a non-accurate reading.
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Unformatted text preview: Overall though, this test may be a useful tool to measure prejudice as it is a way of tracking responses and reactions to images and words to see if there is a preference for any one category. Sociologists use other measurements to calculate prejudice as well. These measurements consist of using open-ended survey questions utilizing the Likert Scale and Bogardus Social Distance Scale. The survey using the Likert Scale and open-ended questions enables someone to answer a question in a manner that suits them, without limiting their answer to a few certain pre-chosen selections. The Bogardus Social Distance Scale determines the comfortableness of someone in the company of another race, ethnicity, or others with different attributes....
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