Direction - Directions For electronic submission

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Directions: For electronic submission, your .zip file should contain one Word (.doc) file, which has all your answers; for programming questions, copy and paste the code from the compiler into the document. Also, for all programming questions, include all the source files (.cpp and .h) that you have written. Name the files based on the question number (for example, ques1dot3.cpp). 1. Write a program that reads in an integer from the keyboard and displays its value doubled, using two functions that you write. The reading function should be int and the displaying function should be void . 2. How does the use of inline speed up the execution of a program? What is the disadvantage of using inline? 3. What is the output produced by the following program? Explain. #include <iostream> using namespace std; void testfunc(int x, int y = 10) { cout << x + y; } int main () { testfunc(3); return 0; } 4. What is the output of the following program? Explain. #include <iostream>
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Direction - Directions For electronic submission

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