Test%204[1] - PSYC 4008 William James is the most famous of...

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Unformatted text preview: PSYC 4008 July 29, 2008 William James is the most famous of the early American founders of psychology, but others dont fall far behind Granville Stanley Hall (1844-1924) From a poor, rural background; probably never got sick a day in his life Born in Massachusetts on a farm that his ancestors had built Was educated in a one-room school all the way through high school and was gifted in school After going all the way through school, he taught for a while in his hometown and then went to college first in his family to do so Did very well in college and was interested in primarily philosophy at the time liked the empiricists and associationists At this time, Darwins theory was new and he particularly liked the evolutionary theory Decided that he would become a preacher he didnt feel called to become a preacher, but he liked philosophy and theological theory Went to the biggest nondenominational seminary in the country Union Theological Seminary in NY- He loved NY went to a different church every Sunday His professors noticed that he was not particularly interested in theology so much as philosophy and that he wasnt their most devout pupil he frequently would raise things as evolutionary theory, which was troublesome to handle Hall tells this story of himself that his professors frequently noticed that he didnt like what he was doing that he should go to Europe and study philosophy A friend loaned him 300-500 to take the trip and he went to Europe, staying for three years- Went to Berlin and studied with Dubois Reymond Returned to NY long enough to finish his degree Also wrote in his autobiographical essay- At Union, what you had to do as your graduation right of passage, you had to construct a well formulated sermon that you would deliver to the full faculty and student body- He said the sermon was not good; what you did after the sermon was to meet with the president of the seminary, who at the time was a really famous sermon giver and the president prayed for Halls soul another reason this wasnt for him Got his degree, taught philosophy, was a librarian- While he was there, they got Wundts book Principles of Physiological Psychology in the library and he became interested in psychology Went to Harvard and made a visit to William James, who arranged for Hall to get an instructorship at Harvard so he could make some money- While he was there, he read under James- Wrote a scholarly paper which he presented as a dissertation on the muscular perception of space primarily a philosophical piece, but it also included some experimental work in perception, conducted in the physiology lab or H.P. Bowditch- His PhD was awarded by Harvard in psychology this was the first time someone 1 in America received a PhD in psychology Because the topic was in the area that would eventually become known as experimental psychology, his doctorate in philosophy is normally considered to...
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Test%204[1] - PSYC 4008 William James is the most famous of...

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