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PSYC 4008 - -Some terminology o Determinism-why something...

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PSYC 4008- History of Psychology 1/21/09 Historiography - Histories are selective o You can’t put it all down - Historians want to avoid bias o Presentism vs. Historicism Current point of view vs. the story given in the context of it time Benefits – presentism- we are constantly getting knowledge Problems- it is easy to slip into the notion they we know way more now and find the ideas of the time to be absurd Benefits-historicism- easy to understand when you place yourself in the shoes of the pp log the time. Problem: get immersed in an era and not see it in a broader context; miss the point of the historical age and the sweep of change that happens o Internal vs. External History o Personalistic vs. Naturalistic History Change happens because there are influential people Naturalistic- there are intellectual climates that exist in various places and times, once placed in that environment one adopts these ideas. Zeitgeist-spirit of an age or time/Ortgeist- spirit of a place
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Unformatted text preview: -Some terminology o Determinism-why something is as it is? You look for causal agents o Indeterminism- some things about human beings that are not strictly causal; our behavior is not rigidly determined; we posses free will. o Empiricism o Rationalism- truth is independent of personal experience o Inductivism-taking something into a larger collection o Deductivism- starts with a presumed truth down to an individual instance Syllogism- familiar with, over-riding truth, reasoning the truth o Mechanism- physical o Vitalism- spiritual o Monism- either physical or spiritual o Dualism- physical and soul exist together o Naturalism- way of addressing psychological data as natural phenomena o Supernaturalism- the belief that there is something transcendent of psychological things-Golden Age Philiosphers-Greek Religion o Apollonian o Dionysian...
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PSYC 4008 - -Some terminology o Determinism-why something...

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