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Outline for Test 3 Before the theory of evolution - Questioned the notion that species were of a complete set - Thought the Earth was a few 1000 years old - Some said if took 2 of all species (on land), volume occupy far exceeds Noah’s Ark - Questioned fossilized animal remains - Questioned the fundamental scientific assumption, people believed creation of species came from God Erasmus Darwin - Proposed life is probably created by God (source of life and physical force is God) - Published theory in verse, in a poem, very general base - Interested in natural phenomenon Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Interest in nature - Arrange plant sequentially, see variation in plant, can be minuet distinction o Plant changes over time - Theory: Methamorphous of parts o Originally talks about plants Jean baptiste pierre Antoine de monet de Lamarde - Proposed theory of evolution that Darwin accepted - Change is due to response in shifts of environment - One single animal will undergo slight physical change due to change in environment - Theory: Inheritence of Acquired Characteristics o Acquired traits get passed on George Johan Mendal - Theory of genetics - Invents the term gene - Published the paper Principles of Inheritance o Talks about genetics o Drew no attention and was easily forgotten, was later rediscovered
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Charles Darwin - Took humans away from everything, its not about us, we’re part of the bigger picture - Member of upper class, best culture on planet, living in England. . family married a lot of Wedgewood - Was to be a medical student, didn’t like clinical, went into the Church, was to be a minister but was invited to go on a boat - The captain of the boat was Robert Fitzroy, the name of the boat was H.M.S. Beagles o Proposed the trip to make map of S. America (of east and west coast) o Lasted 5 years, went around the world - During the voyage read the book Principles of Geology ( Charles Lyell) o Lyell proposed that the Earth is older than the estimated age predicted in Bible (said the Earth was created on October 23, 4004BC) o Lyell proposed that Earth is million years old o Significance to the theory of evolution is time o Suggest geological features are result of long-term natural forces (moving plates, islands, volcanic erosion, mountain ranges, etc) - Tierre del Fuego: observed tribal humans in natural environment, drew parallels to appearance and behaviors of primates, said humans in natural state are not different from primates - Galapagos Islands: studied finches; identified 13 species; the appearance of finches vary with habitat; the point was physical features of animals are correlated to environment - Wrote origin of species ; published after lifetime because didn’t want to be center of havoc - During that time o Thomas Malthus Wrote the book Essay of Principal of Population Looked at growth of British economy during 100 years, correlated to growth of population Suggested humans are going to be faced with deprivation Proposed notion of struggle for survival
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Outline%20for%20Test%203%204008[1] - Outline for Test 3...

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