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Controlling Extraneous Variables Why should we control experiments? o ________________________ o We expect that people will be different from one another, which is called ___________________ o When one group varies from another based on ____________________ variables, it can lead to ______ finding differences where real differences _________ or to finding _________________, where ____ _______ difference exists based on your ____ Good and Bad Variability ____________ Differences (want them to be _____) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ______________ Differences or ____________________ (want them to be _________) Experimental ______________ make error variance ______________ and _______________ differences between the groups caused by ____ Three types of _________________ variables 1. ______________ variables: 2. ___________________ variables: 3. _________________ variables: Two main methods of _____________________ EVs 1. _____________ the EV(s) ____________ between your groups/conditions 2. ____________ the EV(s) the _________ for everyone included in the study Randomization
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Random ____________: Ensures that the ____________ in experiment likely _______________ the population on important ___________________ (Not a ______________________) o Random __________________: The _________ control technique for ________________ EVs Allows all possible __________________ EVs to be ____________ distributed to all ___________ Method ___ of controlling EVs Methods of Randomization o Flipping a ___________ o Drawing from a ________________ o ____________ ____________ Table (Appendix D in book, p. 502) o Any method that would allow any ________________ outcome to occur with _________ ______________ to any other ____________ outcome
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Controlling_Extraneous_Variables_Notes - Controlling...

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