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OCS questions chp. 9

OCS questions chp. 9 - Sarah Edwards Mr LaRock OCS 1005 13...

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Sarah Edwards Mr. LaRock OCS 1005 13 March 2008 1. Water flows around the periphery of a basin because of the Coriolis effect. When surface water moves at 45º North latitude as a result of the westerlies, a rightward movement from the Coriolis effect would then cause the waters to move towards the east. Western boundary currents carry about one million cubic meters of water per second through their narrow, deep currents. This warm water is transported through gyres to the poles. For example, the Gulf Stream is a western boundary current. Eastern boundary currents move cold water towards the equator and they are shallow and broad, sometimes have a width of over 1,000 kilometers. Unlike the western boundary currents, which originate in the trade wind belt, these waters come from mid-latitude areas. 2 . El Nino occurs when the trade winds weaken or reverse and there is high pressure in the western Pacific and low pressure in the eastern Pacific. This pressure change is known as Southern Oscillation. In El Nino, warm water is moved eastward along the
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