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OCS 1005

OCS 1005 - -The central rudder-Water-tight...

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OCS 1005 Earth is an Ocean World Total Water: - Salt Water-97% - Fresh water2.5% o 68.7%- glaciers o 30.1-groundwater o The rest is permafrost - The ocean: - Depth: 12,451 feet - Salinity: 3.44% or - Age: about 4000 year Mid-Atlantic ridge - Where plate diverge and new ocean floor is being formed Marine Science: integrates many different types of science - Marine geology- the study of the earth’s crust and composition Chinese Contributions
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Unformatted text preview: -The central rudder-Water-tight compartments-Sails on multiple masts The Age of Discovery-Europeans explored the world by sea during the Renaissance o Henry the Navigator-Magellan Expedition Voyaging Combined with Science to Advance Ocean Studies Universe: 13.7 billion years Earth: 4.6 billion years First life: Tides are governed by the sun and the moon, the...
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OCS 1005 - -The central rudder-Water-tight...

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