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The key issue in the comic strip was the fact that Tanya was stealing from the company was trying to persuade Anita to do the same. I think that she was suspending judgment on the issue before taking a position. Anita may have thought of doing what Tanya was doing but then got to thinking about the morality of it all later. I think that Anita was using logic but she also used her moral judgment before taking action. Anita knew that it was wrong and in her mind did
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Unformatted text preview: not want to lose her job. Anita may have had to think about the young man who was fired. She didn’t know why the young man was fired for and Anita did not want the same thing to happen to her. Anita made a decision and took action because it was wrong and she did not want someone else to hurt the company the same way Tanya was....
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