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Incorporating Feedback - and suggested that I use third...

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The information that I retrieved from my instructor was my use of pronouns and punctuation. I have to watch my use of pronouns and the placements of the punctuation. My peer said that I had a phrase in one of the paragraphs that was not clear to the topic. As for the write point checker, it said that I needed to work on contractions such as don’t , we’ll, and can't. The write point checker also suggested that I needed to watch the use of pronouns in second person
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Unformatted text preview: and suggested that I use third person pronouns. Like the instructor, the write point suggested that I watch the use of punctuation but also said that I needed to correct run on sentences. I have chosen to use all the feedback I got from all my sources. I will incorporate all the advice given to me to help me have a more effective essay. Everything that I have retrieved from all my sources was greatly appreciated....
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